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TKC-9 Solar Rapid Charger Case

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  • 9 Bay Simultaneous Rapid Charger
  • Draw-bar Handle for easy transport
  • AC Input for power supply
  • Solar Input for alternative charging source
  • Solar Input Display to monitor solar charging status
  • AC Input Indicator to show power connection status
  • Charging Dock for battery placement
  • Compatible with D24-100 Li-ion Battery Pack

The technical data from TKC-9 Solar Rapid Charger Case

  • You can charge the batteries at your convenience as they do not develop a "memory" effect and can be topped off before heavy usage​.
  • The charging dock allows for at least 2 batteries to be charged simultaneously, and heavily cycled batteries might take longer to charge fully​.
  • An internal temperature within the normal range allows for a fully discharged battery pack to charge in about 50 minutes depending on the battery pack and quantity​.
  • For maintenance and storage, it is recommended to store the charger in a cool, dry place and to unplug it when not in use, although leaving the charger and battery pack plugged in will not damage the battery pack​.
  • For transport, personal transport of Li-Ion battery packs is permitted with proper classification, packaging, labeling, marking, and documentation, especially considering whether the batteries are rated above or below 100 Wh​.
Check out the instructions in which we explain what can be read from these graphs.
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