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MC-2 Dual Charger

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Click the relevant product code in the table above to access the Flood Light (IES file) files and the installation instructions for your luminaire.



  • Light indicators.
  • Bays for battery placement.
  • Vents for cooling.
  • Mounting hole for stability.
  • DC Output Port for power output.
  • Battery Contacts for electrical connection.
  • Release Buttons for battery release.
  • Fuel Gauge button to check battery status.
  • Fuel Gauge to display the remaining charge​.

The Technical Data For MC-2 Dual Charger

  • The charger is specifically for Lithium-ion Battery Packs and should not be used with other types of batteries to prevent personal injury and damage.
  • Batteries do not need to be fully discharged before charging, and a Fuel Gauge can be used to determine when to charge the packs​.
  • The charger is designed for cold weather operation and can function in temperatures below freezing​.
  • The battery pack's intelligent circuit monitors current draw and temperature for protection and longevity​.
  • Personal transport of Lithium-ion Battery Packs is permitted under specific conditions and classifications​.
Check out the instructions in which we explain what can be read from these graphs.
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