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Warning Sign
Click the relevant product code in the table above to access the Flood Light (IES file) files and the installation instructions for your luminaire.


USB Output
Dual rainproof USB outputs for charging two devices at once, rain or shine.
Phone Stand
Continue working while charging, the hook here can serve as a phone stand.
Stepless Dimming
Plug the driver into the rainproof port to unlock maximum brightness and stepless dimming.

Check out the instructions in which we explain what can be read from these graphs.
TL-200 Dual Head
Height 1m~2.3m
Weight 6.3Kg (Fitting only)
Power Supply D24 series battery pack / AC 100-277V
Lumens 0 - 12,000Lm
Run Times >8 hours (Standard mode, D24-100)
IP Grade IP66
Output (USB) 5V 2A (2 Dock)
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